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Meet the Battalion

On the 17th October, we revealed a battalion of statues on London's Trafalgar Square to show our support for those Servicemen, women and veterans who are injured or become sick serving our country. The 20-strong battalion was made up of sculptures of injured Armed Forces veterans and launched Bell's campaign to raise £1 million for Help for Heroes. Sculptor, Stuart Murdoch, created the statues to capture the greatness of character and determination shown by each individual as they rebuild their lives. Marking the start of our mission to raise £1million for Help for Heroes, each statue told the inspiring story of its model. The veterans, many of whom were deployed in recent operational tours duty, stood alongside their statues as they were revealed. This celebration of our Forces heroes coincided with the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, with the battalion on parade in the the very square named in honour of the famous victory.




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